Behold. . . . the NEW coffee pot!

We honestly have been doing better not drinking so much

coffee, so we figured a cup here and there is good!

These are neat and fun little things and make coffee clean-up so much easier!

PS.  The 2nd photo is my favorite in this post. 🙂


4 thoughts on “366-14

      • did you get it from Sams? we got the exact model right before christmas from Sams and it was the best bang for our buck (and it comes with the refillable basket which is what we use about 80% of the time). if you register your keurig at keurig.com, you get a buy-two-get-two free coupon for k cups (total of 98 kcups for about $40, rather than $80). enjoy – we love ours so far!! ~liz

      • We did get it at Sam’s and I’ve had a cup of coffee this morning with it and had my try out cup last night. We both love it. It’s so easy and I need the coffee limit so it’s perfect! 🙂 I’ll definitely go register mine because that is a great deal on the refills! I have other coffee around here that I want to try in the basket, too. It’s so fun! 🙂

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