Last night my husband said something was going on in the sky, so I ran for my camera.  Well, after several attempts to hold the camera by hand and take LONG exposures, I figured I better go dust off my tripod and use if for the first time.

I know these star pictures aren’t the most spectacular pictures, but I was quite excited to get them!  In my internet wanderings yesterday I recalled seeing something about planets aligning and here are Jupiter and Venus.

It was rather exciting to have the kids and hubby all outside looking at the stars!  Very nice family time on a Monday evening.  🙂 

 I found this site helpful in explaining what was going on in the sky.


5 thoughts on “366-74

  1. Love the middle one! I had seen your post last night and was just opening the door last night when Eric came in and asked if I wanted to see something neat. So coincidental!

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