Remember Me? 366 – 239 to 247

Potatoes from my garden. Yum!


Saw this crazy caterpillar crawling around the porch the other day.


Fresh green beans from my garden.


One of my guinea fowl’s getting its ugly on. 🙂

I still love them anyway!


Yes, another mushroom.


This was ON that other mushroom picture.

Practicing my close-up shots.


Spider web shot that I love.


I got my ear cartilage pierced.

I’ve always thought it was neat, but was never brave enough.

Until today.  With encouragement from my niece. Thanks, Kari!


A black and white photo of me.

Weird lighting. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Remember Me? 366 – 239 to 247

    • Yes, the earring hurt! I was surprised at it when it went in! Wow! I can’t imagine having both ears done right now. I wouldn’t be able to sleep! 🙂 Being a side sleeper and having the sore ear is not good.

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