Can You Believe I Forgot??? Capturing December. . .

Yes, I have no excuse, except for a faulty memory (does that count for an excuse?).

For some reason December happened yesterday and I forgot all about my Capturing December post!

I looked at my blog stats yesterday and was like – 69 views?! Why?  How??

And then I saw they were coming from A Content Housewife’s blog and I almost freaked out! 🙂  Almost.

Ok, it was only a small panic when I realized I hadn’t posted a picture yesterday and realized that it was a picture of my view.

DSC_7234 copyThis is the view from my bedroom porch.  I cheated and snapped this today.


Yesterday would have been a lot nicer out.

Beautiful, partly sunny skies.

Today is a soggy mess, but we do need the rain.

Rain > snow in my book. 🙂

DSC_7211 copy


December 1.  This is my actual view of yesterday.

Made homemade gluten-free egg noodles which I’m planning on posting about in my other blog.

It’s chicken noodle soup, without the chicken.

My husband prefers it that way (he’s rather anti-poultry).

The stock IS homemade chicken stock.  Quite tasty.



December  2. Today is favorite holiday movie.

I have several, but these 2 are the top of my list.

Love them both!

(since I own neither of these google helped me with these images)


5 thoughts on “Can You Believe I Forgot??? Capturing December. . .

  1. White Christmas is a family favorite–when I help my parents decorate their house, we watch it. I blast the tunes when I decorate my apartment.

    • Yes, he does, in fact, love eggs. He just doesn’t like eating chicken unless it’s cooked a certain way. There are very few ways and can you believe he DOES like Chick-fil-a sandwiches?? If I roast a whole chicken in an oven bag for HOURS on end, he does like that. Or if it’s grilled how my sister-in-law does it, he is ok with that too. Otherwise, he avoids it. We don’t eat our chickens.

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