Catching Up Photos

DSC_6698 copyCapturing December day 4 – Joyous!  ~339~

DSC_7246Dec. 5th – Today’s Temperature ~340~

DSC_7248Dec. 6th.  – shopping.  ~341~

Awfully sick last week, so I didn’t shop at all.  However I did make pizza crust. That’s almost the same as shopping, right? 😉   DSC_7290 copyDecember 7th – Bright.  New lights on our Christmas tree. ~342~

 DSC_7298 copyDecember 8th – Ornaments.  A few my kiddos made. ~343~

Made by my middle son a few years ago.

DSC_7305 copyMade by my oldest son several years ago.

DSC_7307 copyMade by my daughter a couple years ago.

DSC_7318 copyDecember 9th – Something I’m reading (underlined book title)  ~344~

DSC_7320 copy

December 10th – Wrapping paper.  ~345~

Yes, the wrapping paper is buried in the closet at this point.  😀


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