365 – 35 & 36


Freeze dried apples.  Yum!   DSC_8377~36~

Yesterday I made beef stew and wanted some kind of dumpling.

Found a great recipe on Pinterest and I’ll link it HERE.  So good!

I’m so not inspired lately.  It’s hard when the whole world is all white outside

and looks the same every day!  I have wanted to take my camera to the store, but

my husband kind of frowns on that idea.  :\  I’ll have to go to the store

without him and take my camera! 🙂


4 thoughts on “365 – 35 & 36

    • I am fine with or without them. Eric just misses bready foods sometimes, so I figured I would find a gluten free version. They were better than none, but I don’t like how they changed the broth flavor! 🙂

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