Pictures, What Pictures?

Sorry for no pictures on my blog lately!  My big computer, where photoshop is, has been out of commission for a couple weeks.  Had issues and the computer freaked out and my husband had to wipe it all out and start reloading programs all over again.  He hasn’t loaded photoshop back on it at this point, so it’ll be a while longer.

I’ve been trying to take pictures, but have also been uninspired these days.  The weather has been cold and spring has been slow in coming this year.  Not much green happening here at this point. 😦  At least the sun comes out and shines a little…in between snow flakes!



2 thoughts on “Pictures, What Pictures?

    • thanks! I hope it gets better soon, lol! I have my netbook that I’m online with a lot. The big computer is just set up with the basics right now. :\ I’m going through photoshop withdrawals!

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