A Year in Blogging 2013

These are the first photos of each month on my blog.

It has been a fun year!

The hardest months are always January – March for me.

DSC_7916_1 copyJanuary

DSC_8351 copyFebruary – frozen water in the chicken’s container.

DSC_8690 copyMarch – took a photo with my camera’s self timer.

DSC_9081 copyApril.

I didn’t have any posts in April since my Photoshop was not on the computer.

This picture of a new crocus is my favorite April photo.

DSC_9492 copyMay. Love my Dogwood tree!

DSC_0002 copyJune.


DSC_0751 copyAugust.

Reintroduced myself after not blogging for a bit.

I seemed to do that several times this year. lol

DSC_1577 copySeptember.

DSC_2226 copyOctober.

The chicken thinks it’s a bird of prey. 🙂

DSC_3119 copyNovember.

First bits of snow that I was not ready for this year.

I’m still not ready for it. lol

DSC_3939 copy copy (1)December!

This year has flown by so quickly and I enjoyed doing 365 this year!

Happy 2014 and another 365 days of photos!!


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