Catch-Up 365 – 89 to 92

DSC_6715 copy


We had a visitor at our homeschool last week. His name is Jimmy.

Silly kids! 🙂

DSC_6736 copy~90~

I went to a Ladies’ Retreat with the women from my church.

It was great to get to know these wonderful ladies better

and we had a great weekend hearing Kirsten Hart as the main speaker.

We also heard from several other women that are serving God in many different countries.

It was a refreshing time spiritually!

DSC_6740 copy


My crocuses (or is it croci?) are FINALLY starting to come up.

I had to move leaves to find them today.

DSC_6768 copy


While away at the Ladies’ Retreat, my kids set up the trampoline!

They did a great job (my hubby did supervise making sure the net was up properly)!

They spend as much time as possible on it these days.

Totally beats them sitting in the house playing the xbox! 🙂


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