Catch-Up 365 102-106


DSC_6931 copy~102~

‘Twas a foggy morning…


DSC_6937 copy~103~

I loved how the water drops were glistening in the sunlight.

DSC_6945 copy~104~

Apparently, Miss Kay really likes cool ranch Doritos.

DSC_6948 copy~105~

Family/friends over for a belated birthday/spring day.

They (the girls)  played on the trampoline most of the time.

DSC_6953 copyObviously it was mealtime when I took these photos.

The boys did get on the trampoline, but also played airsoft for a while.

I think they had a blast!

DSC_6982 copy~106~

My husband thought a tomato on top would complete the decor just wonderfully.

Made for a great conversation piece, too. 🙂



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