365 – 137 to 139

DSC_7513 copy


A bee enjoying my azaleas before the flowers fell off.

DSC_7672 copy~138~

Another from McConnell’s Mill.

DSC_7537 copy copy~139~

One of my last pictures of my favorite hen, Pearl.

She was killed last Thursday, along with 4 other chickens. 😦

Dogs or something came through our yard and massacred our birds.

We lost our 2 roosters and 3 hens.

The other awful loss was Grace’s new pet Henny.

Awful times.

I miss our roosters, too. 😦

DSC_6751 copy DSC_6752 copy DSC_6917 copyPatch, Henny, and Shoe.

I don’t have a picture of the one hen we named Gimpy.

At least not a single one of her.

I’ll have to look through my hard drive to find one and I’m a little too busy to do that now.

She was a white, mixed breed, barnyard hen. A good egg layer.


4 thoughts on “365 – 137 to 139

    • No, we still have Shoulder Chicken. 🙂 Our one old hen, Crystal is dying..still. She wouldn’t eat anything today. Grace and I gave her a bath to clean up her rear-end and I wanted to check out her belly. She can’t even get up and walk around. Too bad she has stayed alive so long. 😦 I hate seeing them suffer like that, too.

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