A Few Pics from January

4x6 DSC_5389 4x6 DSC_5411 4x6 DSC_5424

January had some fun times.

I loved the colors in the the first picture, unfortunately that meal was not a hit. haha

We hatched 3 little chicks in our little incubator my husband made.

Our hen decided after 2 babies hatched she was done sitting on eggs.

Thankfully we saved a few.

It was crazy to let a hen hatch eggs in January, but it was fun, too.

Broke up the insanity of this winter.

I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been lazy and uninspired, sadly.


2 thoughts on “A Few Pics from January

  1. It is crazy to hatch eggs in winter! We are hoping to hatch quail eggs because the girls don’t remember us hatching the last set of chick eggs we did. {but we don’t keep the animals… }

    • Yeah, our hen was broody, and she’s a mean one so we figured she would be a good mama. lol She has been great. Having chickens live in the basement for a couple months were very messy. 🙂 I was so happy to move them to the coop!

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