A Tour of My Yard: Part 1

4x6 DSC_6020 4x6 DSC_6021 4x6 DSC_6022 4x6 DSC_6023 4x6 DSC_6024 4x6 DSC_6025 4x6 DSC_6026

My back yard.

The top two pictures were from my back porch. It was rainy here today, hence the dreary photos.

Then I stepped out into the yard with the 3rd picture.

Pictures 4 & 5 were from the back of our property pointed at the back of our house.

The two square wooden boxes are where my garden is going.

Then I turned around and took a shot of the farmer’s field behind our property.

The final picture is where our shed, chicken coop, and duck pen/house are all located.

Woods all around us.  It’s nice and cozy in the spring (when things are growing), summer, and fall.


2 thoughts on “A Tour of My Yard: Part 1

    • We have a little over 3 acres of property and we actually live on the back of the property. A lot of it is the woods to the front of our home. The privacy is GREAT and I’ve enjoyed raising our 3 kids here! We’ve just come through a really rough winter and I’m still getting over it. hahaha 🙂

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