UGH! Is this still on?

So here are all of my January pictures.

Sad isn’t it?  I turned my camera on earlier this month and checked out my last photos. They were from Christmas Day 2015 and that was it.  😦  I typically have a hard time with photos in winter. I feel like they’re all the same (not those ones 😉 , just my winter pictures in general).

4x6 2 DSC_20494x6 2 DSC_2052

I grabbed my camera the other day and took some snow falling photos.

We’ve had a pretty mild winter here for the most part, thankfully! We have had snow and very cold temperatures recently, but I have to remind myself that we are mid-winter and that does normally happen. 🙂  I need to carry my camera with me again. I’ve gotten out of that habit and then I’ll see something and wish I had my camera.

I also need to write out and accomplish some photography goals.  This is my homework assignment that I’m giving myself.  So anyone that does look at this blog, please ask me how my goals are coming! I think I’ll write out 11 goals for the year, one for each month left.   I NEED to do this. I NEED accountability!  🙂


3 thoughts on “UGH! Is this still on?

    • thanks, Kristal! 🙂 I got some pictures this past weekend in Pittsburgh (Zoo and the Strip District). I want to explore a few other places around Pittsburgh (surprisingly, being the country bumpkin I am, lol).

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