Amazing Sky!

Yesterday we had some amazing weather.  It was a warm day here in the thick of winter, thankfully!  We had sunshine, then we had storm clouds, then we had lots of rain.  I wasn’t really paying attention out the window, then I just glanced up from what I was doing and saw a beautiful, vivid rainbow. So I squealed about it to my kids and ran for the door with my cell phone and camera!

The sky kept changing and I was running around my house trying to get good pictures of the rainbow from different angles.  The trees around my house prevented any real good photos of the rainbow.  Even the one I posted does not do the colors justice.  Then I started looking at the sky above me. The colors were so yellow and then the clouds!  I’ve never seen clouds like this and my one niece tells me that they are actually pretty rare to see.  I haven’t done any investigation into what kinds of clouds these are yet, but it seems like a good assignment for my kids. 🙂

After watching the clouds change, I noticed a fog start across the field and the way the sky looked above it. It was just the most beautiful sky and I’m thankful I was able to capture a tiny bit of the spectacular views!


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