My Goals for 2016

I have other goals for my life, but these goals are specifically related to photography. 🙂 Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Prepare a flash drive to show friends from church some of my photography. (I’m currently working on this one, so I thought I would share it)
  2. Take old photos and re-edit just for fun!
  3. Try long exposure shots. I haven’t figured out where or anything just yet.
  4. Photograph some neat and older building in Butler and perhaps even in Pittsburgh (I’m still a chicken driving in the ‘burgh, but I will do it for something new).
  5. Get low storm cloud photos for overlays.  I wish I had taken some really neat low-hanging clouds last fall.
  6. Do a couple of themed photoshoots with fun props!  I’ll need to find someone that wants to model for me.
  7. Make a flash drive of all my favorite photos and get some printed for my walls! Sad that I can take so many pictures, but have them remain digital. Goals are good for a reason! 🙂
  8. Possibly get a new camera this year or maybe a lighting system?  I’m leaning toward a new camera right now though. My D7000 and I have shot many, many photos together.
  9. Understand and use my external flash. I’ve had it for a couple years and rarely use it.
  10. Intern with a photographer this year…which IS a possibility!

March has had crazy, wonderful weather! 🙂


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