Amazing Sky!

Yesterday we had some amazing weather.  It was a warm day here in the thick of winter, thankfully!  We had sunshine, then we had storm clouds, then we had lots of rain.  I wasn’t really paying attention out the window, then I just glanced up from what I was doing and saw a beautiful, vivid rainbow. So I squealed about it to my kids and ran for the door with my cell phone and camera!

The sky kept changing and I was running around my house trying to get good pictures of the rainbow from different angles.  The trees around my house prevented any real good photos of the rainbow.  Even the one I posted does not do the colors justice.  Then I started looking at the sky above me. The colors were so yellow and then the clouds!  I’ve never seen clouds like this and my one niece tells me that they are actually pretty rare to see.  I haven’t done any investigation into what kinds of clouds these are yet, but it seems like a good assignment for my kids. 🙂

After watching the clouds change, I noticed a fog start across the field and the way the sky looked above it. It was just the most beautiful sky and I’m thankful I was able to capture a tiny bit of the spectacular views!


Crunchy Cold Morning

4x6 2 DSC_20894x6 2 DSC_20914x6 2 DSC_2082

I posted these on my facebook page last week, but I wanted to post some here.

We had a few very cold mornings last week and I decided to bundle up and get some photos because everything was sparkling!  Ice on all the trees and the sun. It was glittery and beautiful!

I’m still working on my goals list.  I’m up to 8 so far!

UGH! Is this still on?

So here are all of my January pictures.

Sad isn’t it?  I turned my camera on earlier this month and checked out my last photos. They were from Christmas Day 2015 and that was it.  😦  I typically have a hard time with photos in winter. I feel like they’re all the same (not those ones 😉 , just my winter pictures in general).

4x6 2 DSC_20494x6 2 DSC_2052

I grabbed my camera the other day and took some snow falling photos.

We’ve had a pretty mild winter here for the most part, thankfully! We have had snow and very cold temperatures recently, but I have to remind myself that we are mid-winter and that does normally happen. 🙂  I need to carry my camera with me again. I’ve gotten out of that habit and then I’ll see something and wish I had my camera.

I also need to write out and accomplish some photography goals.  This is my homework assignment that I’m giving myself.  So anyone that does look at this blog, please ask me how my goals are coming! I think I’ll write out 11 goals for the year, one for each month left.   I NEED to do this. I NEED accountability!  🙂

Family Photos Week #1 of 52

B&W 4x6 2 DSC_1955

My babies in December 2015.

B&W 4x6 2 DSC_1980

Here is the family. Also December 2015.

Family selfies are hard, but it was fun, too!

We had a 60 degree (Fahrenheit) day, so I made everyone get dressed up for a family picture.  My mom has been begging for a picture from us for years. 🙂 As one who photographs others, you’d think I would do more of our own family pictures. Hahaha. Ok, that’s out of my system now. 🙂

Is there a way to stop kids from growing up?  Just wondering if anyone had any ideas out there.

One more thing…I think I’m going to a weekly photo posting with projects to work on each week…instead of the photo a day.  I obviously didn’t make all the photo a day pictures the last couple years, so it’s time to try something new.  I’m going to count this as week one.  Family photos, taken by myself! 🙂