A Tour of My Yard: Part 1

4x6 DSC_6020 4x6 DSC_6021 4x6 DSC_6022 4x6 DSC_6023 4x6 DSC_6024 4x6 DSC_6025 4x6 DSC_6026

My back yard.

The top two pictures were from my back porch. It was rainy here today, hence the dreary photos.

Then I stepped out into the yard with the 3rd picture.

Pictures 4 & 5 were from the back of our property pointed at the back of our house.

The two square wooden boxes are where my garden is going.

Then I turned around and took a shot of the farmer’s field behind our property.

The final picture is where our shed, chicken coop, and duck pen/house are all located.

Woods all around us.  It’s nice and cozy in the spring (when things are growing), summer, and fall.

March…So Far

4x6 DSC_5853 4x6 DSC_5867We had a lot of this white stuff this winter. A lot.

4x6 2  DSC_5922 4x6 2 DSC_5908We got to see cousins this month.

It was so good to see them again, but the loss that brought them home is sad.

Pray for our family. We lost my cousin unexpectedly.

Especially pray for his 3 sons, parents, and sister. <3

4x6 DSC_5882Earlier this month my baby girl had a birthday.

I told her we aren’t counting it this year. :)

She didn’t listen.

4x6 2 DSC_5954 copy 4x6 2 DSC_6009My other cousin is going to have a baby next month.

She’s adorably pregnant.  <3

It’ll be so exciting to meet their little girl!

So that wraps up the last few months in a nutshell.

I’m looking forward to warmer, sunnier days, green grass and sunburn.

It’s been a winter to remember, for sure! :)

4x6 DSC_7525A photo from last May.

Happy First day of Spring! :)